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Jiří Horyna Jiří Horyna CEO
“We have successfully completed a number of projects, exceeded the magical number of one hundred internal team members, and expanded overseas. I think that this year follows the previous ones nicely.

Our task stays the same; help companies find a functional technological solution to their needs. We do not blindly follow the assignment, we look for what makes sense, and put together a final product which truly fits.

Know-how in the latest technologies is our domain and we are really making life easier for our clients. We have an answer to their everyday problems. A breakthrough value is what we have brought customers in 2018 – as we do every year.”

January 2018

Summit 2018

At the beginning of the year, we set
several goals:

  1. 1|  Turnover > 145 million CZK
  2. 2|  Build an IT community
  3. 3|  Expand to foreign markets
  4. 4|  Invest in our own projects

February 2018

We use the latest technologies

  • Kubernetes We launch the first Kubernetes project
  • Kotlin There are more and more projects in Kotlin
  • Tizen We present a number of projects for watches and smart TVs with OS Tizen
  • Tensorflow We use Tensorflow in AI projects for international corporations
  • Android Things We successfully deliver embedded projects built on Android Things

March 2018

Škoda OneApp scores

The solution for drivers who enjoy their ride was awarded the title IT Project of the Year.


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April 2018

We expand into
the USA

We open a new branch in Houston, Texas.

… the original owners also buy a 60% share back from Jablotron after two years and eMan is now self-reliant.

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May 2018

We are green company

Sorting trash and electrical waste is natural to us.

  • This year we are also awarded the title of Prague Bike-friendly Employer of the Year in 2018 in the Bike to Work Competition.
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Green firm
Moreover, our COO Michal Kosek is announced as the second most efficient cyclist of this year.

June 2018

E.ON eConracts wins

The solutions for electronic contracting wins the IEA 2018 competition in the Energy and Utility category.

IEA 2018
1st place

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July 2018

There is more than 100 of us

We beat the magical number of 100 members of our internal team.

This year, we have also celebrated the births of 5 new eMan babies :)


August 2018

We grow and expand

In Holešovice we get one more floor, the third one in total.

Now we take up a total of 1559 m2 in four Czech offices.

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September 2018

We boost the innovations

  • A separate team which focuses on the Internet of Things (IoT) and Augmented Reality (AR) emerges.
  • We also work on 2 new implementation projects in cooperation with Honeywell Aerospace.

October 2018


We organize hackathon

Together with Qest we held
Q-TON 3.0. The topic is “smart cities”
and the results are worth it.

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November 2018

ČSOB Smartbanking

A new application for mobile banking is published and we are its authors.

We have written the Android version in Kotlin and there is one iOS app available for tablet and smartphone now.

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December 2018

We are the smart car masters

Whether it's an application mirrored into the infotainment or a solution implemented directly into the car, we know what to do.

We love developing for the cars of the future.

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We take our part

  • 30 External event
  • 34 Internal events
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Well, we definitely were not bored!
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eMan Cup Paintball
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mDev Camp
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Bike to Work Competition
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Dev Session
Slide 6
Dev Session
Slide 9
Rails Grills 2.2
Slide 12
eMan's Ride
Slide 14
Q-TON 3.0
Slide 15
Q-TON 3.0
Slide 16
DevFest Workshop Android Things
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Slide 19
Slide 20
Slide 21

Year 2018 in numbers

  • 155 million CZK Yearly sales (estimate)
  • 26 000 Worked man-hours
  • 110+ Team members

  • 5 Offices
  • 15 million CZK Investment in internal training
  • 12 million CZK Investment in internal projects

… we have also established new partnerships

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Innovation for
a smart future

Thank you all,
it was a blast!

Your eMan team and our
eMan Duck!

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